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Community Outreach

Mapping My Journey in Communities of Color

Since 2022, Cancer Support Community at Gilda’s Club has been providing cancer outreach and advocacy services in the community with special focus in local communities of color to address health disparities through the Mapping My Journey in Communities of Color initiative.

Mapping My Journey in Communities of Color is a comprehensive outreach, advocacy and education program within Rochester NY African American and Latino communities focused on addressing health disparities around general cancer preventative health and colon cancer screenings, self-patient advocacy and decreasing cultural fears of healthcare within local communities of color using African American and Latino advocacy and outreach volunteer groups in partnership with “points of access” location partners.

Community Engagement Partners

The initiative Mapping My Journey in Communities of Color utilizes community partners across the area called "points of access" partners, which are located in the heart of communities of color neighborhoods where African American and Latino households reside.

Cancer Support Community volunteers are present monthly at these “points of access” locations to distribute cancer education and informational material as well as talk with and educate residents. 

Community Engagement partners include:

  • Faith Based Organizations
  • Latinx and African American Health Coalitions
  • Not For Profit Community Partners
  • Community Based Health Clinics
  • Trusted Community Public Gathering Locations such as Libraries, Community Centers, etc.
  • Offices of Community Engagement at Cancer Treatment Facilities.