Qi Gong (Hybrid)

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Qi Gong class will be available in hybrid format meaning we will have some participants join via Zoom and others in person. Please indicate how you will attend class when you register. All in person participants will need to be vaccinated (or provide a religious/medical exemption) and wear masks while in the clubhouse and in person class size will be limited to six participants at this time.

Would you like to feel calmer and have more energy? Qi gong has traditionally been known as a way to improve health, increase vitality and lower stress. Taoist Water Method Qi gong participants stay within 70% of their range of motion which relaxes the nerves and fascia to promote healing in a unique way. Most of the movements are simple to learn and can be done while standing or sitting. Over time, Qi gong practice can clear and sharpen the mind and promote emotional balance.

Joe Lake is the instructor for this program. He has been practicing Qi gong for 15 years and is a certified instructor. Joe also teaches at the YMCA and JCC.

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